19 Year Challenge: Papa Roach Review

True Papa Roach will probably fact check me and say their VERY first album came out in 1997. Well, the problem with that is Amazon doesn’t have that album, I’m froogle, and didn’t know about that album until I was today years old. And I know it doesn’t have a smooth ring to it, but it’s close enough and 19 is a long time to be in the music business, especially when your fanbase is still as strong as ever. I wanted to do a brief comparison between their 2000 album Insects and Who Do You Trust since the latter just came out this past Friday.

Going back to Insects, the album had a brooding and somber vibe. The messages were sad, even suicidal and Jacoby Shaddix expressed an element of pain throughout the album which showed in Never Enough and of course their breakout single Last Resort. It was still a good album and I enjoy listening to some of the songs even today, but there was an absolutely dark tone.

Their latest album, Who Do You Trust still has their familiar tone, but with a much more positive outlook. Jacoby still has his larger than life energy that if you saw live, you’d swear it can generate power throughout the venue. The Ending is ironically a strong opening for the album and has a heavier than normal sound for the band. But my favorite would have to be Elevate because not only is something I can put into my training list (see my Friday’s post) but it’s overall an uplifting and inspirational song for anyone.

These guys have come such a long way from their earlier work, and after 19 years, they’re still very relevant and loved by their fans. I would definitely pick this album up as this one you can listen to anywhere from the gym to your car or even in your home while doing chores.

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