Don’t be a D-bag. Put Away your Gymbag

I have to share this pet peeve that I have and I know I’m not alone in this one. Even though we go to the gym to sweat and break our bodies down there’s still a code of ethics that we all follow to make everyone’s session convenient and overall stress free. But of course there are those few jabronis that HAVE to be selfish, making us sensible gym goers grind our teeth and curse that person’s existence. That was my experience the other day.

It was leg day for me, or as I like to call it don’t cry you’re a man day. I don’t really have a specific order in how I work my legs, or any part of my body for that matter, so as long as I get it all in for the day. I was close to finishing up my workout when I saw a dufflebag and a hoodie sitting on top of the hamstring curl. Thinking it was the guy standing next to it, I proceeded to do a different workout. After several minutes on the leg extensions, I wanted to finish my legs by hitting the previous machine. Still occupied. Fair enough, I have to throw work on my abs anyway. After completing my leg raises I turned around and the bag with the hoodie on top was STILL sitting there with the guy next to it. Is he lounging around? Am I on the same timerest as him? I’m about to hit my second to last workout of the day with ab crunches when I finally saw some activity by the hamstring curls. The belongings didn’t come from the gym loiter. It came from the guy using the punching bag. Are you f#$!@&* kidding me?! He wasn’t even near the damn machine, let alone using it. This isn’t Planet Fitness, I will judge you and consider you a horrible pos for leaving your disgusting Nike hoodie on a machine you weren’t even using, meanwhile other people with courtesy were waiting. Needless to say, I got my workout in, but I do hope this guy tears a groin muscle in his future. Savage? yes. Justified? Uuum, completely.

It’s really not hard to have a little gym etiquette when working out. Just show a little respect for the people working and working out and everybody will have a great day. No need to be a toolbag and leave your stuff around like it’s your dirty dorm room. That’s why they have locker rooms. I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of gym ettiqute tips, because honestly, some of y’all gone learn

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