Music Review: Bring Me The Horizon

This week, I wanted to quickly review an album I thought was set to release next month. Oopsie. On Friday, Bring Me the Horizon dropped their latest album, Amo and figured I would give it a listen during my workout. After listening to every track, my response to is a disappointing “oomph”.

The band usually puts out several good songs and I even have a few on my Spartan playlist to get me motivated. Happy Song is one of my favorites from these guys, but this album had nothing that stood out. From a gym goer point of view, there was nothing to move to. No motivation. No inspiration. They kind of went with the electronica route with this one which I am NOT a fan of at all. If any of you heard The Amity Infliction with Feels Like I’m Dying, it’s a lot of that. Mantra and Sugar Honey Iced Tea are probably the only two good tracks which are also currently the only two singles out.

I really had no strong and positive feedback from this one. I was kinda let down. But if you’re into the autotune style, then give it a shot. I’ll just listen to their previous album and await for their next project to get released.

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