The Brady Bowl

Well, we now know who’s heading to the Super Bowl this year. Its going to be the LA Rams facing off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots…..yaaaaaay 😒. I’m sorry, but I’m with the majority and getting a bit tired seeing Brady going to the big dance AGAIN. Seriously, can we havesomething worth seeing? The NFL today is like what WWE used to be 10 years ago by CONSTANTLY pushing John Cena and making him virtually invincible against all challengers. Hey Goddell, the formula sucked for them and it sucks for you too. The only difference is WWE is written to have these franchise superstars whereas the NFL isn’t….or is it?

While people are screaming fix, I’m not going to sit here and say that the NFL is totally rigged. I mean really think about that accusation. Why would the NFL turn their sport into a predetermined soap opera knowing that the risks are low ratings and terrible attendance numbers? We foiled their plot people! Goddell’s master plan is to go broke!!! Please. Not even the odds in the casino can replenish the revenue they lost this year due to politics, let alone a conspiracy against the legitimacy of the sport. At the end of the day, and I hate admitting this, Brady. Is. Good. Now I wouldn’t call him the GOAT like some people out there because let’s face it, Tom Brady in the 70’s and 80’s would get destroyed. Put him up against the Bears of that era and watch Brady get carried out in the first half.

Now the NFC Championship is definitely filled with controversy and it’s all over one significant play that ultimately cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. The no-call pass interference and helmet to helmet contact was a blatantly bad move on the refs part which now makes the Rams look bad going into Atlanta. I’m a big Drew Brees fan so seeing him miss his chance from going to the big game is a let down, especially when he got royally snubbed in the process.

So in the end, we’re going to get ANOTHER Brady Bowl with the possibility of him getting ANOTHER ring. Only there are some differences. For starters, both teams are going in with the majority of football fans resenting their appearance. There’s even the possibility of LA going in as the villain and Brady as the savior. For some people it’s rooting for the devil we know over the devil we don’t. Another interesting take is that the Rams have a chance to bring down the mighty New England empire. And if so, does that mean we will see Brady’s final Super Bowl showdown? Can the QB take a second consecutive loss? The man is 41 So how many throws does he really have left? The story is kind of interesting. The last time the Rams showed up to the Super Bowl, they clashed with a young Tom Brady that ultimately launched a near 20 year dynasty so a loss to LA would be the ultimate circle of football life. Poetic justice I guess you could call this. Huh, maybe there is a script in the NFL. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Go Cowboys!