Road To MetLife: You Had One Job WWE

Of course WWE couldn’t go a full month without ruining something that was already perfect. Yes, folks. My love/hate relationship with the E is taking another dark avenue, only this time WWE had only one job. NOTHING! They literally had to do nothing for the next several weeks and let Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey do their promos in the ring and social media. They had it. They had lightning in a bottle and they actually managed to ruin it by creating a ridiculous swerve by adding a third participant in a what could’ve been a classic one-on-one encounter. Allow me to quickly recap.

We all know that Becky Lynch won the Royal Rumble, which “gaurentees” the winner a shot at the Championship at Wrestlemania. We also know that, despite her upcoming title defense at Elimination Chamber, Ronda Rousey will walk into New Jersey with the Raw Women’s Championship. And up until Monday night, we were aware that Becky Lynch was challenging Ronda Rousey for that championship in what was supposed to be a personal, heated, and unforgettable collision course between these two women. But, leave it to the “creativity” of the writers and bookers, WWE felt it would be much more entertaining to suspend Lynch and hand the main event to Charlotte Flair. Seriously, WWE? You couldn’t just leave it alone, could you? Becky and Ronda have been doing a great job building their storyline since Survivor Series when they were originally scheduled to meet. They never stopped their momentum and only continued to draw more interest in their rivalry. The writers literally didn’t have to do anything. But they thought adding Charlotte Flair would be much better. It’s not.

I’ve read feedback from the opposition and all I keep getting is a short term payout. “Becky beating both Charlotte and Becky will make her bigger”. So explain to me the purpose of the injury angle with Becky’s leg? Lynch is going into Wrestlemania with a bad knee and her opponent is one of the biggest submission specialists in the game. Out of the gate, Becky would be absolutely outmatched with this handicap which gives us a great story right there and Becky having to overcome the odds against an angry and hostile Rousey would be the cherry. And if you REALLY want to add the McMahons in this story, have them make the match no disqualification which will unleash Ronda’s rage. Something we’ve yet seen since her arrival and trust me, she NEEDS to tweek the attitude. Ronda Rousey going Super Saiyan on Becky Lynch would might give Rousey a decent pop from the crowd. Something the McMahons want.

“Charlotte can take the fall, keeping Ronda’s momentum going”. I can’t stress this enough: RONDA NEEDS TO LOSE. It’s not out of hate or boredom because I love Ronda. You can’t oversatutate her because then you get a female Brock Lesnar. Right now Lesnar is the laughing stock of WWE by keeping this “invincible” persona and making very few appearances. He’s made the main event picture and the Universal Title a joke and having Rousey (also a former UFC Champion, mind you) duplicate that direction is going to turn the fans off even further. Wrestlemania is the time, and right now, Becky is the (wo)Man to do it. Adding Charlotte would dilute Ronda’s momentum and honestly, Becky’s as well.

I’m not saying Charlotte doesn’t deserve a title match, or even the championship itself. But this isn’t her moment anymore. It’s clear WWE wants to center the women’s division around Flair, but fans right now want Becky Lynch so why deny them? Because it doesn’t fit the corporate agenda? Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t fit that mold and look where he stood. Daniel Bryan didn’t fit that mold and look where he’s at. Sometimes the best stars are created organically. Through the fans, not always by the machine. WWE dropped the ball big time by putting Charlotte in the title picture despite the fact we all know Becky will return and make the match a triple threat. Nobody asked for this. Literally nobody wanted this. The fans were happy with a one on one match. Adding the swerve waters down the entire storyline by adding a Becky Lynch 2.0 and you’re fooling yourself if you don’t see the similarities. The Road to Wrestlemania did get interesting, but not the way Vince and company hoped. They’re reading the tweets. They hear the outrage. And for their sake, the payoff better be huge, because a new threat is soon going to appear in their rear view mirror.

Let Them Fight

First off, happy birthday to “The Man” Becky Lynch. An appropriate topic to bring up on this day.

Wrestlemania season is officially in full swing and WWE did not waste any time getting the road started. We already have two main events announced but the one I want to discuss is the one I’ve been hyped about since before they announced it. We’re finally going to get Ronda Rousey defending the Raw Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch, and for the love of GOD, PLEASE VINCE AND COMPANY, keep it that way. No gimmicks, no special appearances, and NO TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

Since Becky got injured during Survivor Series week, the highly anticipated collision between her and Rousey has been a hot topic and whether WWE should go through with the match at a different time. The crowd was not only in favor of the match, but even suggested these two clash at Wrestlemania, with Lynch going in as the challenger and ultimately ending Rousey’s reign and winning streak. The roadblock here is that for some reason WWE feels these two need a third participant in this feud. That third wheel being Charlotte Flair. No way, AND I MEAN, NO WAY does Charlotte need to be included in this rivalry and the proof was presented this week on Raw and Smackdown.

On Monday, Ronda had a very awkward and cringing promo that thankfully got overshadowed by Becky’s unexpected arrival. Lynch wasted no time ripping Rousey apart on the microphone and showing her how to cut a promo. But then something clicked in Ronnie’s head as Becky likes to call her. I don’t know if the nerves shook off or if Becky’s words triggered something, but we got a different Ronda Rousey. One that I’ve been begging to see since her debut last year. She cut a dark and angry promo that sounded almost biblical which got the crowd going. Meanwhile, Becky stood there cool as a cucumber smiling and taking Ronda’s enraged words like it didn’t faze her. With about nine weeks left until the big show, these two women already got fans pumped for their battle in East Rutherford (which I’ll be attending btw).

The following night on Smackdown, during a Becky Lynch promo, Charlotte interrupted and put her two cents into Lynch’s Royal Rumble victory and overall success. The crowd wasn’t feeling it nor were they buying the fact that she had any influence in her rise to the main event. But, I feel this is the segment WWE bookers wanted to slowly bring Flair into the title mix which is a major mistake. Nobody’s asking for this. At least not the majority so why add her? Including a third person in this already heated rivalry will just dilute the match and bring the heat down several notches. Flair had her chance. She failed, so put her in a different program while Lynch and Rousey have their moment. Have Charlotte go after Asuka in a rematch from last year with a different result. Or have her chase the newly implemented womens tag team titles. WWE has lightning in a bottle right now and it would be a shame to waste this because management is hellbent on making the daughter of Ric Flair a main eventer. Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte is a tremendous athlete with hall of fame status written all over her, but this isn’t her spotlight and this is one moment where she should take a backseat while we see magic between Lynch and Rousey.

If we get Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, I can almost promise you a classic will take place. They’re both amazing athletes with plenty to offer in a one on one match. Becky’s been doing this for years and she’s only been improving, especially since this new edgy persona took effect. And Ronda has evolved so fast and has learned so much in a short time that seeing her best against a prime Becky Lynch would be fantastic to witness. And honestly, throwing Charlotte in the mix would give her the wrong kind of heat, especially in a New York/New Jersey crowd. We’re talking Roman Reigns/John Cena heat. Hey creative, this is one mistake you should stop repeating!

Music Review: Bring Me The Horizon

This week, I wanted to quickly review an album I thought was set to release next month. Oopsie. On Friday, Bring Me the Horizon dropped their latest album, Amo and figured I would give it a listen during my workout. After listening to every track, my response to is a disappointing “oomph”.

The band usually puts out several good songs and I even have a few on my Spartan playlist to get me motivated. Happy Song is one of my favorites from these guys, but this album had nothing that stood out. From a gym goer point of view, there was nothing to move to. No motivation. No inspiration. They kind of went with the electronica route with this one which I am NOT a fan of at all. If any of you heard The Amity Infliction with Feels Like I’m Dying, it’s a lot of that. Mantra and Sugar Honey Iced Tea are probably the only two good tracks which are also currently the only two singles out.

I really had no strong and positive feedback from this one. I was kinda let down. But if you’re into the autotune style, then give it a shot. I’ll just listen to their previous album and await for their next project to get released.

Don’t be a D-bag. Put Away your Gymbag

I have to share this pet peeve that I have and I know I’m not alone in this one. Even though we go to the gym to sweat and break our bodies down there’s still a code of ethics that we all follow to make everyone’s session convenient and overall stress free. But of course there are those few jabronis that HAVE to be selfish, making us sensible gym goers grind our teeth and curse that person’s existence. That was my experience the other day.

It was leg day for me, or as I like to call it don’t cry you’re a man day. I don’t really have a specific order in how I work my legs, or any part of my body for that matter, so as long as I get it all in for the day. I was close to finishing up my workout when I saw a dufflebag and a hoodie sitting on top of the hamstring curl. Thinking it was the guy standing next to it, I proceeded to do a different workout. After several minutes on the leg extensions, I wanted to finish my legs by hitting the previous machine. Still occupied. Fair enough, I have to throw work on my abs anyway. After completing my leg raises I turned around and the bag with the hoodie on top was STILL sitting there with the guy next to it. Is he lounging around? Am I on the same timerest as him? I’m about to hit my second to last workout of the day with ab crunches when I finally saw some activity by the hamstring curls. The belongings didn’t come from the gym loiter. It came from the guy using the punching bag. Are you f#$!@&* kidding me?! He wasn’t even near the damn machine, let alone using it. This isn’t Planet Fitness, I will judge you and consider you a horrible pos for leaving your disgusting Nike hoodie on a machine you weren’t even using, meanwhile other people with courtesy were waiting. Needless to say, I got my workout in, but I do hope this guy tears a groin muscle in his future. Savage? yes. Justified? Uuum, completely.

It’s really not hard to have a little gym etiquette when working out. Just show a little respect for the people working and working out and everybody will have a great day. No need to be a toolbag and leave your stuff around like it’s your dirty dorm room. That’s why they have locker rooms. I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of gym ettiqute tips, because honestly, some of y’all gone learn

The Road to Wrestlemania Starts Here

This Sunday, the Road to Wrestlemania officially kicks off and it begins with the Royal Rumble. 30 men and 30 women compete for the chance to challenge a champion of their choosing on the biggest stage. For the men, they can either challenge for the WWE or Universal Championship, whomever that may be. It could be Brock Lesnar or Finn Balor unless creative throws a huge curveball and gives us a new champion (which is highly needed). For the women, they’re fighting to challenge for either the Raw or Smackdown’s Women’s Championship who’s currently being held by Ronda Rousey and Asuka respectively. How we get to Wrestlemania starts with Sunday.

Regarding the men’s division, there’s a lot of talk over who’s going to win the rumble. While everybody is rooting for Finn Balor to win back his Universal Championship, smart money says Lesnar is walking away with the belt to set up his loss and possibly final run with WWE. My guess is Rollins will be winner and get his overdue push to Wrestlemania to challenge the Beast. The setup to the storyline can be easily set. Since Lesnar and Roman Reigns have some history from their past rivalry, Heyman can push the envelope and mock Roman’s current condition which can elevate the feud between Lesnar and Rollins. A strong and aggressive match between these two can push Seth to the moon. But of course, there’s still the Braun Strowman factor which Vince might still want to showcase and if the Monster’s momentum is still strong going to East Rutherford, the trigger to push him to the main event might still be pulled. But for this to happen, Rollins will have to go through 28 men and one monster.

We’re also entering the second ever women’s Royal Rumble and this year is more unpredictable than the previous, which is great for business. In 2018, everybody knew Asuka was getting that huge push to the championship scene, but this year it’s anybody’s ballgame. Some are already saying Charlotte Flair is a shoein to win the whole thing and normally I would agree. Becky, Sasha, Asuka, and Ronda are all competing in championship matches so of course that leaves Flair wide open for the w. But I think a lot of people would groan over the thought of Charlotte getting ANOTHER championship match. She’s seriously turning into the Tom Brady of women’s wrestling which won’t end well for her fanbase so it would probably be best to throw a swerve in the Rumble. Enter Becky Lynch. Becky should take the loss to Asuka, by hook or crook which SHOULD cut her out of the title scene. Then during the women’s rumble, Lynch should attack a superstar, let’s say the #30 entrant and throw Charlotte over, declaring her the winner and number one contender for the women’s Championship at Wrestlemania. This outcome will finally give us the Becky Lynch/Ronda Rousey match we’ve been waiting since October.

If there was a time for wrestling fans to get back into tuning in, now would be that time since the stars are aligning this Sunday. Not only does the Road to Wrestlemania officially kicks off at the Royal Rumble, but WWE is starting to make some big changes in the direction of their characters and their overall product. I guess you can call this a soft reboot which I’m very excited to see. I’m already going to apologize in advance because with the writing team on high alert for the next 10 weeks, my creative anxiety will be revved up.

The Brady Bowl

Well, we now know who’s heading to the Super Bowl this year. Its going to be the LA Rams facing off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots…..yaaaaaay 😒. I’m sorry, but I’m with the majority and getting a bit tired seeing Brady going to the big dance AGAIN. Seriously, can we havesomething worth seeing? The NFL today is like what WWE used to be 10 years ago by CONSTANTLY pushing John Cena and making him virtually invincible against all challengers. Hey Goddell, the formula sucked for them and it sucks for you too. The only difference is WWE is written to have these franchise superstars whereas the NFL isn’t….or is it?

While people are screaming fix, I’m not going to sit here and say that the NFL is totally rigged. I mean really think about that accusation. Why would the NFL turn their sport into a predetermined soap opera knowing that the risks are low ratings and terrible attendance numbers? We foiled their plot people! Goddell’s master plan is to go broke!!! Please. Not even the odds in the casino can replenish the revenue they lost this year due to politics, let alone a conspiracy against the legitimacy of the sport. At the end of the day, and I hate admitting this, Brady. Is. Good. Now I wouldn’t call him the GOAT like some people out there because let’s face it, Tom Brady in the 70’s and 80’s would get destroyed. Put him up against the Bears of that era and watch Brady get carried out in the first half.

Now the NFC Championship is definitely filled with controversy and it’s all over one significant play that ultimately cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. The no-call pass interference and helmet to helmet contact was a blatantly bad move on the refs part which now makes the Rams look bad going into Atlanta. I’m a big Drew Brees fan so seeing him miss his chance from going to the big game is a let down, especially when he got royally snubbed in the process.

So in the end, we’re going to get ANOTHER Brady Bowl with the possibility of him getting ANOTHER ring. Only there are some differences. For starters, both teams are going in with the majority of football fans resenting their appearance. There’s even the possibility of LA going in as the villain and Brady as the savior. For some people it’s rooting for the devil we know over the devil we don’t. Another interesting take is that the Rams have a chance to bring down the mighty New England empire. And if so, does that mean we will see Brady’s final Super Bowl showdown? Can the QB take a second consecutive loss? The man is 41 So how many throws does he really have left? The story is kind of interesting. The last time the Rams showed up to the Super Bowl, they clashed with a young Tom Brady that ultimately launched a near 20 year dynasty so a loss to LA would be the ultimate circle of football life. Poetic justice I guess you could call this. Huh, maybe there is a script in the NFL. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Go Cowboys!

19 Year Challenge: Papa Roach Review

True Papa Roach will probably fact check me and say their VERY first album came out in 1997. Well, the problem with that is Amazon doesn’t have that album, I’m froogle, and didn’t know about that album until I was today years old. And I know it doesn’t have a smooth ring to it, but it’s close enough and 19 is a long time to be in the music business, especially when your fanbase is still as strong as ever. I wanted to do a brief comparison between their 2000 album Insects and Who Do You Trust since the latter just came out this past Friday.

Going back to Insects, the album had a brooding and somber vibe. The messages were sad, even suicidal and Jacoby Shaddix expressed an element of pain throughout the album which showed in Never Enough and of course their breakout single Last Resort. It was still a good album and I enjoy listening to some of the songs even today, but there was an absolutely dark tone.

Their latest album, Who Do You Trust still has their familiar tone, but with a much more positive outlook. Jacoby still has his larger than life energy that if you saw live, you’d swear it can generate power throughout the venue. The Ending is ironically a strong opening for the album and has a heavier than normal sound for the band. But my favorite would have to be Elevate because not only is something I can put into my training list (see my Friday’s post) but it’s overall an uplifting and inspirational song for anyone.

These guys have come such a long way from their earlier work, and after 19 years, they’re still very relevant and loved by their fans. I would definitely pick this album up as this one you can listen to anywhere from the gym to your car or even in your home while doing chores.