Remember, Remember The 6th of November

Now before the eyes start rolling, let me clarify that this is NOT a bashing post. I’m not here to criticize one party or person in particular. This is a reminder of how important voting can be, now more than ever. I can almost promise that no one’s opinion will change or that all of a sudden people will switch parties. If anything else, I’d like to remind people just how critical this election will be for our future.

Now there are some people who won’t vote simply because they don’t agree with either party’s opinions and would rather not assist one party in power. Now I agree with you folks. I understand where these folk are coming from and can respect their individualism. However, in this case, now is not the time for a self righteous stand against the corrupt. Because let’s not kid ourselves, both red and blue are no better than the other.

This election isn’t just about you or your pride. It’s about your friends; your family; your neighbor; your coworker. People voted Trump because of the phrases “Make America Great Again” and “America First” but have we seen that? Veterans are still unemployed and children are still living in poverty. And I’m pretty sure Flint, MI among other urban neighborhoods are STILL dealing with a water crisis. But we ignore or forget these issues because the media from BOTH sides of the line are ignoring it.

Republicans will bash CNN and the Democrats will bash FOX but aren’t they just two sides of the same coin? Journalism has been so tainted these days with ratings obsession that we can’t trust the very people that are supposed to give us factual information during our most critical election. My advice to everyone: talk to your neighbor. Stop relying on mainstream media. Open your mind to both sides of the aisle, and PLEASE for the love of God, stop turning to Facebook as your guide to news. I can’t stress this enough since I’ve been saying this long before Trump made the term “fake news” popular. Just because you read a meme from one of your favorite political pages, it doesn’t make it accurate. Do. Your. Homework.

When we vote today, I know some of us will only vote for the party we’ve been loyal to the most. Others will vote one party just to spite the other. And maybe I’m a little late to request this, but let’s try to remember what this election is about. It’s shouldn’t be about money or political power. It should be about the future of our country, our environment, and the children of the world. Money will come and go. Power can be stripped. But we all have the same destination in life, and I personally would rather not see that destination anytime soon. If you want to see the real state of our union, seek the people around you and not what the news tell you. Happy voting.

GALILEO!!! Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Let me start off by saying, they don’t make music like they did in the 70’s and that makes me sad. Seriously, what’s a Lil Xan and why is it popular??? So I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody on Saturday as I think most Queen and rock fans did over the weekend. This was a fun, yet emotional film and Bryan Singer did an excellent job directing this movie. The man can do more than direct X-men movies, you know.

The movie is ultimately about Freddy Mercury and his rise to fame as lead singer of Queen culminating in their performance during Live Aid in 1985. Of course there were some humorous moments in creating the band and Freddy’s flamboyant charm that made the band stand out from the rest of the rock world. Like Roger Taylor said, “Not everybody is Queen”. I especially got a good kick out of Mike Myers’ role in the movie. During one of his talks with the band, he makes a subtle, but notable nod to a famous 90’s movie that he starred in which I thought was pretty cool.

But, like most famous bands, every high moment has its lows. There were some depressing scenes that made you feel for the stars and wished things would’ve gone different. One person in the movie that I detested, however, was Freddy’s lackey, Paul. I’m not sure where he is today, but you kind of hope it’s in a bad place. Seriously, like a male Yoko Ono.

If you’re a music fan, or any genre really, definitely check this film out. I couldn’t help but tap my feet to some of the songs besides Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean I dare to watch them create We Will Rock You without feeling the urge to clap with them. The ending definitely made you feel like you were part of the show as they ended the movie in Live Aid. It was overall a feel good moment in an emotional film. The cast and crew did a fantastic job honoring the band and to remind us all why Queen is a legendary band.

First Time Gym Goers: “Are They Looking at Me”

This week isn’t so much of an instructional post, as it is a rant of some sort. Maybe even a little encouragement thrown in there. This topic is created thanks in part to my friend whom I was having this conversation with a few weeks ago and thought I’d share it today. I have to stress this to some of my friends that use this excuse for not joining a gym or going out for a run. Hey guys, NOBODY IS JUDGING HOW YOU LOOK.

There’s at least three main reasons why a person won’t join a gym: financial reasons, time, and self-consciousness. I wanted to touch base with the last reason but surprisingly a strong amount of my friends use this as their number one excuse. Understand, that everyone has a purpose to be in the gym. Some go to lose weight. Others go to build muscle. And there are some that are there so they don’t die from heart failure. But I can almost guarantee you none of the reasons are to stand in the corner and criticize your posture or physique. This isn’t Mean Girls. Nobody’s focused on you. We’re not spending $20-$50 a month to judge you. We can do that for free at the grocery store 😁…..I don’t though.

So what’s really going through the mind of a typical gym goer? Number one is their form. They’re more focused on their posture than they are what you look like. Trust me, we’re more concerned on not getting injured than your first time jitters. Another thought is probably whatever is going through THEIR life. I’ll let you guys in on something; going to the gym has been my therapy for the last eight years. Most of the time, I go because I get to let out steam and frustration that’s going on in my world. So when my headphones are on and the brim of my hat hover my eyes, the rest of the world is tuned out and I’m in my own zone. I’m not looking to make conversation, let alone criticize anybody, and I’m pretty sure some gym regulars feel the same (although I’m not speaking for anyone. Just taking a guess).

The one thing first time gym goers have to realize is we all have to start somewhere. People with different sizes and different experiences are going to the gym looking for improvement, not to judge or dissect your appearance. My advice here don’t worry about what you look like. We all have a page one in our story. You might even meet a fellow member that will walk you through the equipment so it doesn’t feel a bit awkward. So if you got nerves, relax and walk in knowing everyone started where you’re at, some probably further back. You think my 21 year old fat ass had the confidence to walk in and work the equipment? I barely knew how to use the leg curls without looking like a fish out of water. You’ll get it.

TBT: Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

If you didn’t enjoy this dance growing up, I can’t respect you as a person. To me, it would probably rank as the equivalent to riding a jet ski. Granted, I’ve never ridden a jet ski, but I’m pretty certain the amount of joy brought to me was the same.

So I was driving home from and decided to tune in to 90’s on 9 on my radio for the fun of it. I usually have Octane or Rockbar playing. And while this song wasn’t on the radio, Ice Ice Baby was on which I haven’t heard in years. This had me reminisce to the whole….well two hits Vanilla Ice released. I started thinking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze and this song popped up. Have you ever seen an eight year old Puerto Rican boy dance like the whitest kid on earth? Because that was a thing when I saw this movie for the first time. Kids today will never appreciate the Ninja Turtles the way we did growing up. Four teenage amphibians rocking out to the whitest rapper since Snow. Yes children, there was a white rapper named Snow. Don’t judge, you have something called Lil Xan.

Crown Jewel or Blood Money

I wanted to briefly bring up the next ppv WWE is presenting that’s causing a ton of controversy. I’m referring to the Crown Jewel event and its choice of venue.

WWE made a partner deal with the Saudi Prince earlier this year that would send WWE several millions of dollars. Of course a man like Vince McMahon would NEVER turn down this opportunity and to be honest, I can’t blame him. However, in preparation for their second trip to the middle east, a major conflict broke news around the world that would place WWE in the center of the controversy.

If you don’t know by now, a Turkish journalist went missing in the consulate and was ultimately and horrendously murdered. Now morally, anybody would pull out of this agreement immediately until everything was resolved. However, something like this is never a simple bail and live to fight another day. Several people in a boardroom are going to be affected with this decision. Not just executives, but shareholders will likely lose a significant amount of money. Now I know money isn’t everything. Especially compared to the lives of these superstars, but this is a business and a business has to consider all scenarios. In this case, they chose to continue the ppv. Their stocks did take a dip (I would know, I lost A LOT OF MONEY IN INVESTMENTS 😡🤬) and some fans did boycott WWE. But if history has showed us anything, it’s that WWE will get through this rocky path and they will prevail. Another ppv will be announced, Wrestlemania season will be with be upon us, and the company will thrive another year.

Is it morally compromising to go to the middle east considering the political climate? Possibly. Is Vince McMahon acting crass over millions pouring into his company? Sounds it. But all options were considered. From moving the venue to cancelling the event outright. By a large vote, WWE felt they chose the lesser of two evils. They were placed in a lose/lose situation. No matter what, they were taking a hit and in their mind, keeping a relationship with the Saudis could prove beneficial in the long term. In the end I hope they’re right. A positive outcome could bring unity between the two countries. However given the information we’ve received from the news, it’s a future we might not see for a long time.

The Women Owned the Industry

For anybody who saw Evolution on Sunday, it’s hard to argue the amazing work these ladies did in the ring. I went in with slightly low expectations because of the lack of PR and effort the management team displayed. They were clearly more focused on the Crown Jewel PPV which I’ll get to later. But these women took those expectations and exceeded them beyond even my imagination.

First, I have to mention the intro. A lot of my friends know that I’m a huge Halestorm fan, particular the lead singer Lzzy Hale (I picture us being a future ex married couple one day) and she made a surprise appearance to kick off the show. And who else to be her guest guitarist for the night other than my other crush, Nita Strauss whom is currently the guitarist for Alice Cooper. So it was safe to say my joygasm was at an intense high.

Now the matches. The battle royal, in my opinion, was poorly booked and the writing was lazy. But the women involved took a bland idea and made it enjoyable. I kinda wished Ember Moon would’ve won the match, but I was still happy with Nia winning and the overall match.

My favorite match, as was I think everybody else’s, was the last woman standing match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The last time I had goosebumps from watching a match was the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels’ match at Wrestlemania 25, but this exceeded that feeling. It felt like watching ECW and NXT with the way they were destroying each other. Any person that says wrestling is fake, I dare them to do a fraction of what these women did. Most men would hide in terror if they had to take those bumps. A very excellent match and I would rate this as a match of the year contender. It helped that my girl, Becky won the match. Yes, another crush on the show. I have a type, fight me.

Lastly, we have the main event between Ronda Rousey (crush #4) and Nikki Bella for the Raw Women’s Championship. The match didn’t live up to the other championship match, but I don’t think it was meant to. There was a lot of controversy about placing this match last and from a business perspective, I get it. They wanted a feel good moment and this ending delivered that. And to be honest, these two did a great job. Considering Nikki Bella started off as some model contestant, I say this match reached above expectations. The two definitely put their time into the work.

Overall, the ppv was very solid. I give it an 8/10. There were some botches and I still feel WWE management wasn’t completely behind on this womens evolution. But these ladies proved they can do what the guys can. And some of them did it better. I hope this becomes an annual event because these women deserve the spotlight. Great job ladies. Now the only real obstacle left is headlining Wrestlemania. Perhaps in NY/NJ? I’m just saying I may take a trip to the city that weekend.

Baseball and Bad Decisions (This is Halloween)

First off, a big congratulations to to the Baaaston Red Sox on their World Series win on Sunday. Although I’m still kind of ticked they booted my Yankees from the playoffs, they dominated the series and earned their win. But let’s be real, that championship looks better in NYC. See you guys next year.

While some people get excited over the World Series, I’m most pumped for Halloween (partly because the Yankees haven’t won a series in NINE YEARS 😡). It’s hands down my favorite holiday and if I had it my way, I would remove Christmas altogether and create a Thanksgiving/Halloween hybrid day. Maybe call it Hallogiving or Gobbleboo? Never really was good at naming things. Christmas to me just fell out since I was a kid. Probably because I always felt that Christmas time was reserved for children and families and since I comfortably have neither, I have no need to decorate or sing carols. So I pour my excitement and childhood joy into Halloween where I can dress up into either a superhero, a villain, or any ridiculous getup and party with no judgement. Not there I was afraid of being judged without the apparel.

So if you’re going to a party, hitting the bar scene, or taking your kids trick or treating, have a happy and safe Halloween. Don’t overdo it on the candy (or the liquor). And no drinking and driving! And if you’re hooking up with someone, be safe and if they’re wearing a full body costume, make sure to remove the helmet BEFORE making any moves…….things get awkward otherwise. ANYWAY, Happy Halloween everyone!